What to Eat (And Avoid) This Summer



AVOID: No surprise here: that sugar-covered funnel cake is loaded with calories and fat. If you can’t resist the pastry, split it with a few friends so the damage is minimal.

BEST BETS: Typically, you want to avoid any meat on a stick that’s been dipped in a fryer. One exception: the corn dog. At just 250 calories, it may be the one permissible carnival indulgence. With fewer than 300 calories, kettle corn and corn on the cob (minus the mounds of butter) are also tolerable options.


AVOID: A salted soft pretzel might seem significantly healthier than greasy stadium fare, but it’s packed with almost 500 calories and a whopping 101 grams of carbs.

BEST BETS: More and more stadiums are stepping up their game when it comes to concession options, adding healthy items like sushi, sandwich wraps, and fresh fruit to their menus. But even fan favorites such as hot dogs and peanuts are relatively low in calories.


AVOID: Nachos. They may be tasty, but they’re drowned in processed cheese and sour cream (for a total of 940 calories and 57 grams of fat).

BEST BETS: Enjoy a boardwalk staple: saltwater taffy. Seven pieces contain only about 150 calories. Frozen yogurt in a sugar cone (300 fewer calories than soft-serve ice cream) won’t blow up your summer body, either.

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