What a Ripped Guy Doesn’t Eat

What a Ripped Guy Doesn’t Eat

Are your efforts in the gym being sabotaged by your diet? Snap out of it and stop eating the following diet-crippling foods and drinks. 

Then on a more positive note, take a look at what a ripped guy does eat and start making the right kind of gains. 

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Canned or Dried Fruit and Fruit Juice

Canned fruit contains sugar and lacks the fiber of whole fruit. Dried fruit isn’t as filling and is therefore easy to overeat. Juice is primarily sugar water.

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The protein in them is usually incomplete, so it’s an inferior source to animal foods. Beans can also cause indigestion.

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Even if it’s made with whole grains, bread is a processed food and risks throwing off your macro count.

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Dairy in any form can cause digestive trouble and should be limited, as should all calorie-containing drinks.

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