What to Drink On President’s Day

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President-inspired beers are nothing new, but these days they tend to be more satirical or downright POTUS-bashing rather than celebratory. To celebrate this American holiday the only way we know how — with beer — we recommend the following presidentially American brews.

George Washington

Yards Brewing


As part of their Ales of the Revolution Series, which originally rolled out in 1999, Yards Brewing brewed this patriotic beer based on a recipe General Washington himself wrote in a letter to his officers during the Revolutionary War. A porter man, Washington was especially fond of the beer brewed by Philadelphia tavern owner Robert Hare, which this beer mirrors by incorporating molasses to boost fermentation and add sweet caramel notes to an otherwise roasty ale.

Man Full of Trouble Porter

Dock Street Brewing


Although it would seem that their Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Drumpf beers are no longer available, Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing is currently pouring this colonial-inspired ale as a liquid tribute to the eponymous Man Full of Trouble tavern, which has been a Philly staple since pre-revolutionary times as one of the city’s first establishments for beer, spirits, and (we imagine) spirited conversation. The 5.2-percent ABV London-style porter is brewed with black and chocolate malts, creating a deep mahogany color and dark coffee flavors, while a blend of English-borne East Kent Goldings and Fuggles hops provide balanced bitterness.

A Beer

Against the Grain

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky’s Against the Grain, though small and artistically environed and branded, just wanted to brew a beer. Thus, they brought to life A Beer, a simple, hop-forward “extra American pale ale” featuring Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria hops (which are actually German, but who’s counting). A Beer is nothing special, and neither are you. What’s more American than accepting that? 

Monticello Reserve Ale (Limited Release)

Starr Hill Brewing

Crozet, Virginia

Located near Charlottesville in Crozet, Virginia, Starr Hill originally brewed this beer in 2011 in honor of the nearby Monticello House, better known as Thomas Jefferson’s house, where the young president himself used to brew his very own beer using whatever crops were available on his plantation. Although this is awkwardly celebrating a time when things that are now considered very much not American were happening, the cool part about the beer is that its recipe was created to mirror the ingredients that Jefferson and his er, servants would have been using way back in the late 1700s. It translates to a 5.5-percent ABV unfiltered American ale brewed with wheat and corn, and the flavor and feel is light, clean and refreshing. For what it’s worth, Jefferson employed free workers, too.

Free Speech Red Ale

Third Street Brewhouse

Cold Spring, Minnesota

Finally, never forget the First Amendment: Freedom of speech. Celebrate it with this 5.5 percent ABV red ale once described by the brewery as “a powerful blend of flavors, just like the good old U.S. of A.” Originally brewed in August 2016 and back by popular demand, the Free Speech Red Ale will also be hitting the shelves in cans in spring 2017. 

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