What We’re Eating This Week: PJ’s Organic Burritos

Mexican dinner rotator

We usually have the best intentions to eat as healthy on nights and weekends as we do during our weekday lunches.

But then, we come home after a long day at the office, or a boozy Sunday afternoon watching football, and remember: We forgot to buy groceries this week. And it’s way too much work to go hit the supermarket at this hour. Come to think of it, laying on the couch and dialing for delivery sounds a hell of a lot easier than pulling together some sub-par meal anyway.

Cue us calling for pizza. 

If this scene happens to you more often than you care to admit, then you’ll probably be as relieved as we were to discover PJ’s Organics Skinny Burrito—our freezer case salvation.

This Tex-Mex delivery alternative is stuffed with only pesticide- and preservative-free ingredients including chicken, corn, brown rice, black beans, tomatoes, bell peppers and low-fat cheddar cheese. Our totally non-scientific taste test confirms that it’s decidedly authentic in flavor and completely filling.

If the 310-calorie Skinny isn’t hearty enough for your gut, you can get a little more satisfacion with the 390-calorie 5-Layer Chicken Burrito. Out of eggs and bacon? Try the turkey-sausage stuffed Breakfast Burrito, a truly satisfying replacement for drive-thru breakfast sandwiches.

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