No Clue About What’s For Dinner? Download These Apps


Chef Watson
A fascinating collab-oration between IBM and Bon Appétit, Chef Watson is what happens when you apply supercomputing intelligence to 10,000 well-tested recipes. Input an ingredient you want to cook with, and an algorithm delivers a list of original recipes — many of them with unexpectedly new and unique flavor combinations. The Web-based tool is free but runs only on tablets and PCs.

Restaurant-review sites are a spam-filled mess. ChefsFeed aims to clean it up. The free app’s recommendations come from local chefs, who put their reputations on the line with each posting. Some 1,200 professional cooks in more than 50 cities also share their favorite dishes and cooking insights in a style that feels both more insidery and more professional than the hit-or-miss crowdsourced chaos of Yelp.

This app makes it easy to find, save, and organize the zillions of recipes online. Those carnitas you saw on One click in Paprika saves the recipe to your phone. The app also generates grocery lists and menu plans. Paprika isn’t free — $5 for the smartphone app, $20 for the desktop version — but it’s the smoothest tool out there for bringing order to the infinite internet of food.

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