Why Snoop Dogg Is Suing Pabst Brewing

Snoop Dogg claims he's owed more money from his Colt 45 endorsement deal.
Snoop Dogg claims he's owed more money from his Colt 45 endorsement deal.Todd Oren / WireImage / Getty Images

Snoop Dogg has filed a lawsuit against Pabst Brewing Company, claiming a breach of contract and interference with contractual relations in a complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The rapper is stating that the maker of PBR and Milwaukee's Best owes him money from the sales of Blast by Colt 45, a fruit-flavored malt liquor.


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The rapper, who filed the complaint under his given name of Calvin Broadus Jr., wants to collect 10 percent of the net sales of the beer, which he signed a three-year deal to endorse in 2011. He earned $250,000 in the deal, and was additionally paid $20,000 for every 10th mention he made of the product on social media, TV, and during performances. The contract also stated that he was to receive a royalty on each case of Blast that was sold or portion of the total sale of the brand if Pabst sold it before January 2016. The sale of Pabst Brewing was finalized in November 2014 to longtime brew businessman Eugene Kashper and investment firm TSG, but no purchase price was publicly announced.

Alex Weingarten, Snoop's lawyer, stated in the lawsuit that the beer company was sold for $700 million, but it's unclear how much of the sale price covered the Colt 45 line of beers. Pabst wrote in an official statement that it had not been contacted by Snoop Dogg or his representatives about any legal proceedings, saying "We are investigating the matter and would be happy to talk to Snoop or his representatives to try to get to the bottom of this."

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