Why You Need Boxed Wine at Your Next Barbecue

 Emily Henderson / Black Box Wines

You may still be rolling your eyes at boxed wine. I know I was until I recently picked up a bottle, erm, box of Black Box Wines' Riesling. Refreshing and mildly fruity, it makes a stellar match for a fish fresh off the grill or a cheese and meat plate. The brand may have received over 50 industry accolades and 27 Wine Enthusiast “Best Buys," and they may also boast eco-friendly and fully recyclable packaging (translation, a smaller carbon footprint and 85% less packaging waste), but the real standout feature? Well, I'll admit cracking open a box is the novelty factor of watching your wine spew out from a box. 

Even better: when you get your hands on a three-liter box, it's equal to the amount of four standard bottles, ensuring your boxy fun keeps pouring all night long. At only $20 for a three-liter box (they're $6–$7 for the 500mL box), there's that excuse to throw your Olympics viewing party… Now, if only boxed beer came in quality this solid.