Why You Should Pay $150 for This Donut

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Photograph by Nicholas Hegel McClelland

Once or twice a week I walk a little out of my way when going to work and stop at a place called Doughnut Plant, and I spend an amount of money that I could consider somewhat unreasonable for what I consider to be very delicious donuts (I spell it like this, and I'm not sorry). I feel a tinge of guilt as the person behind the counter tells me my grand total for a peanut butter and blackberry jam and whatever two seasonal flavors they're offering up costs around $15, but that little bit of shame from my over-indulgence quickly melts away as I take my first bite. 

Three dollars, you might say, is a lot for a donut. I won't disagree with you. Paying $150 for a donut, however, you'll probably agree, is absurd. You can do a lot with a 150 bucks, like pay your gym membership or, I dunno, give it to a food bank. But the Brooklyn restaurant (might I mention a very good Brooklyn restaurant) Manilla Social Club got a good deal of attention in the past year for first making a gold and champagne donut that had a lot of bloggers saying this was the final sign that New York City was going to be swallowed into the ground. 

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Of course there's going to be backlash about something so ostentatious as a gold version of something you could get for a few dollars at Dunkin' Donuts in a city where people are constantly losing their homes to developers, and small businesses are closing at an alarming rate. That makes sense, right? So what, if anything, is the point of upping the ante and offering up a Patrón Platinum Donut for the same insane dollar amount? 

For one, we're writing about it, so are a bunch of other outlets. It's definitely getting the restaurant a lot of attention, and attention is good. But still, it's a damn donut, and people are out of work. Will it change your life? Probably not, unless you think a donut that tastes like tequila Jell-O sounds good. Which, on second thought, sounds more genius than anything. But for that much money, I'd say just buy a bunch of tequila, a bunch of Jell-O, and have your own party. 

No, ultimately what redeems the $150 donut is that Manilla Social Club says it's donating all of the money made from them to the American Cancer Society. So really, that's your answer. If you're looking to donate money to cancer research, that's the only time buying a donut for that much money makes sense because cancer is terrible, and donuts, no matter how much they cost, are always on the side of good. You're doing a good deed, and if you want to be rewarded for it, that's your right. I would just suggest not making a habit of it unless you have bags of hundred dollar bills lying around, or a very high metabolism.  

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