Wild Turkey Gets the Matthew McConaughey Treatment

By now everyone knows that Matthew McConaughey enjoys driving a Lincoln (because he “just liked it”). But now the actor is using his advertorial chops to tell us how much he loves Wild Turkey bourbon.

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What, Exactly, Is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey?

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In the first installment of a series of TV and digital spots, McConaughey introduces how and why — with a trademark philosophical performance — he wants to represent the Wild Turkey brand as the new "creative director." “Look, I want to be more than just the face of the campaign,” he reasons. “I want to have my hands in the clay of how we tell a story. And I want to be a part of the whole story — not just the character in it.” Does that make any sense? Doesn't matter.

The spot is unsurprisingly bloated with McConaughey waxing poetic (dripping in his steady drawl the entire six minutes). Standing on the banks of the Kentucky River, McConaughey explains that he is on a road trip (likely in his Lincoln), because he’s “here to learn and talk about a great American invention called 'bourbon.' ” We can get on board with that. He then introduces the Russell family, the folks behind Wild Turkey. Hearing from the men who have controlled the Wild Turkey recipe for 62 years is reason enough to tune in. The rest of the video follows the crew on a tour of the distillery, with McConaughey's soothing commentary along the way.

Who knew that the actor’s suave, strange introspective soliloquies could get any more entertaining than the 2014 Lincoln ads? Well, we should’ve — and anything involving bourbon is more compelling in our book. So regardless of McConaughey’s verbosity, we’re looking forward to the next episode.  

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