Yes, Creatine Can Increase Your Maximum Strength

Yes, Creatine Can Increase Your Maximum Strength

Hard-training guys can benefit from adding proven supplements like fish oil, whey protein, and extra amino acids to their diets.

Creatine is another safe, effective supp with a whole weight room’s worth of studies behind it showing it can get you to the next level in lean-muscle gains, aid recovery, and boost your muscle strength.

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Well, add another study to the pile: As the journal Nutrients reports, research by scientists in Taiwan found that giving athletes 5g of creatine four times a day for six days produced significant strength gains compared with a placebo group. The creatine group’s one-rep max on back squats jumped 14 pounds, while the non-creatine group had no significant gain.

The study also tested explosive performance—movements that would come into play during soccer or baseball games—but found the supp gave the athletes no gains in performance.

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