Yes, Egg Yolks Are Perfectly Healthy for Your Heart


Egg-white omelets, your days are numbered.

After decades in, well, eggs-ile, the yolk—that golden orb of deliciousness long vilified as a cholesterol-heavy heart clogger—has finally been vindicated.

A new study on more than 1,000 middle-aged men has concluded that eating whole eggs—yolk and all—every day won’t torpedo your ticker. Even guys genetically predisposed to developing coronary artery disease can eat whole eggs daily with no higher risk, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported. 

This backs up last year’s surprising U.S. government Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which stated: “Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption…available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum [blood] cholesterol.” In fact, doctors now say only 15% of your blood cholesterol comes from food; the other 85% comes from the liver and isn’t related to diet.

And while you’re planning your upcoming whole-egg masterpieces, check out pasteurized eggs, too. They taste just like regular eggs but—due to a patented process that destroys bacteria but doesn’t cook the egg—can be eaten semi-cooked (runny eggs) or raw (smoothies, eggnog) with no worries about salmonella. They’re sold in 46 states (sorry, AK, MT, WY, and WV) as “Davidson’s Safest Choice”; a dozen costs $3.49 (all-natural) or $4.29 (cage-free).

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