Your New Favorite Scotch Bargain


Bargain bottles are hard to come by in the scotch world, to the point that anything priced under $50 raises suspicion. Is it a gimmick? Is it terrible? One bad whisky experience is all it takes to make us bargain averse in the liquor store.

After trying Lossit, we might need to start buying more non-age-statement bottles of scotch.

Before you get too excited: Lost Distillery Company isn’t distilling. This is a blend. But it’s an interesting one, put together to approximate extinct and defunct whisky brands. 

For Lossit, Lost Distillery Company looked to a 150-year-old spirit, did their historical research, and mixed the wares of contemporary distilleries until they came up with something that’s easy to enjoy. We don’t have any inside knowledge about what whiskeys were used to concoct this final product, but there’s definitely peat and there’s probably sherry finish, which does narrow it down.

It’s somewhere between a mellowed Laphroaig, a young, robust Lagavulin, or even perhaps a very young, peated Highland Park. This is a mellow sipping whisky, and an excellent mixing whisky for highballs, and the initial punch of smoke and the subsequent layers of ginger and floral sweetness are the perfect duo of flavors for just about anything you can do with a cocktail.

At $43 it’s a bargain for any of those activities.