10 Years Later: A Look Back at Our Skeptical Review of the First Apple iPhone

 AFP / Getty Images

This article originally appeared in the April 2007 issue of Men's Journal.

There hasn't been this much excitement surrounding a phone since, well, ever (though Alexander Graham Bell's initial invention comes close). We're as psyched as anyone — is it June yet? — but take note of the iPhone's potential shortcomings. 

Questionable Battery Life
If there's any complaint that has dogged the iPod, it's battery life. Apple claims the iPhone will have enough juice for five hours of talk time or 16 hours of tunes. We'll see.

No High-Speed Data
Cingular's high-speed network (3G) won't be available nationwide when the iPhone launches. Early adopters will be forced to use Cingular's not-so-fast EDGE network.

Virtual Keyboard
Most of us like keyboards. You know, the kind with buttons. The iPhone has only one button and it's not for typing. Slick, yes, but virtual keys can be a pain to use. 

Sign a multiyear contract and even the hottest phone comes down in price. Not the iPhone. The 8GB version will cost $599, no matter what contract you sign. Ouch.