The 12 (Business) Days of Christmas and Hanukkah: Day 11 – New Balance NewSKY


Here at Men’s Fitness, we don’t believe in taking days off when it comes to fitness, but we do believe in taking days off when it comes to work. Which is why we’re giving you a 12 (Business) Days of Christmas and Hanukkah gift guide. Every (business) day until December 28, we’ll feature a great stocking stuffer or Hanukkah gift for your dad, brother, best friend or just forget everyone and get something for yourself. Snag one of these items, or check out our complete holiday gift guide for more ideas.

Let’s face it, exercise equipment, while great for your body, isn’t great for the environment. For the eco-conscious friend who is body-conscious as well, give the gift of good karma on top of another reason to work out. The New Balance newSKY sneakers are made from 95 percent recycled PET plastic bottles. So while he’s sipping water from an eco-friendly metal water bottle during a train run, his feet are doing the environment a favor, too.

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