’17 Summer Gear Guide: The Best in Men’s Boardshorts

Our editors curated and personally tested some of the most exciting, innovative, stylish and just plain fun products that Summer 2017 has to offer. Here are our top picks for men’s boardshorts.

Roark Revival Savage Boardshorts ($70)

Photo: Roark Revival

Why we chose them: Sustainable materials: Savages are made from 86% recycled polyester.

Why we liked them: If you’re looking for performance out of your boardshorts, look no further. Insanely light, super stretchy and built with no outseams, they’re made to perform while leaving you feeling as comfy as if you were surfing in your birthday suit.

Tester Tip: They have a 19-inch outseam and are very form fitting. So if you’re going to rock them, maybe have some sunscreen ready for your upper legs. Nobody likes burned thighs.

Hurley Phantom Hyperweave Motion Stripe boardshorts ($100)

Photo: Hurley

Why we chose them: A fashionable scalloped hem combined with Hurley’s performance fabric? Could be an interesting combination.

Why we liked them: First off, the trunks just feel nice. They’ve got ultra-stretch side panels, as well as a hyperweave waistband that doesn’t actually open up like traditional trunks (there’s no fly closure). Its more of a fitted waistband that has a slight bit of stretch for added comfort. The entire trunk flexes and fits so comfortably.

Tester Tip: Sizing is key with these shorts. We found that the pair we received did fit true to size, but without a slightly adjustable fly like most trunks, the right fit is crucial. Once fitted properly, these trunks are as good as it gets.

Vissla Fin Box boardshorts ($60)

Photo: Vissla

Why we chose them: Because while performance boardshorts are great, occasionally you want something you can wear around town without looking like you’re waiting for your heat in a surf contest.

Why we liked them: While other boardshorts go for ultra lightweight builds, these have a little more body to them. They’re fashionable with enough stretch to perform, and they look great in any environment.

Tester Tip: The side pockets are convenient and give the short a casual appearance, but they can be a bit shallow. If you’re putting away anything of value, use the back pocket.

Patagonia Light and variable boardshorts ($59)

Photo: Patagonia

Why we chose them: Patagonia’s entire swimwear line is now Fair Trade Certified, and that’s something we want to get behind.

Why we liked them: Life is all about the simple things we sometimes take for granted. These boardshorts celebrate simplicity. They are about as trimmed down a pair of boardshorts as you can get, but we don’t need frills, we just need a trusty pair of shorts that will hold up to the rigors of surfing tropical climates around the world. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they won’t break the bank either.

Tester Tip: As mentioned, the Light & Variable Boardshorts are thin, and they sit a bit just above the knee. While that may not suit everyone’s style, we feel this is optimal for not getting in the way while surfing.

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