’17 Summer Gear Guide: The Best in Men’s Streetwear

Our editors curated and personally tested some of the most exciting, innovative, stylish and just plain fun products that Summer 2017 has to offer. Here are our top picks for men’s streetwear.

Arcade Rambler Belt ($26)

Photo: Arcade

Why we chose it: Everyone needs a belt to keep up your pants, no matter if you’re hiking in the woods or exploring cities. Arcade refers to their Rambler belt as adventure belts, and they certainly fit that bill.

Why we liked it: This isn’t one of those belts where the holes aren’t the correct spacing for your waist — this is one that is a OSFA and adjusts to the exact size you need it to be. And it’s quick-drying with elastics, which means if you’re wearing it with a pair of hybrids and need to hop in a body of water, fear not.

Tester Tip: The pineapple logo adds a bit of class and distinction, while telling anyone who sees it that you’ve got nothing but tropical vibes to give out.

Brixton All-Terrain Prospect Service Short ($69)

Photo: Brixton

Why we chose it: When Brixton announced their new All-Terrain line, we knew we had to get our hands on some. We were also hoping that they’d live up to the challenge of handling our sandy, salty, dirty lifestyle.

Why we liked it: These shorts are quite literally the only shorts you’re going to need for whatever your adventurous lifestyle throws at you. Not to mention, they look really great. With the nice and clean aesthetic weve come to love about Brixton, they’re super durable, and even water repellent. Brixton also packages these shorts with a custom drybag that clips to the bet loop and fits in the back pocket, as well as an awesome knot-book for while you’re off the grid.

Tester Tip: Heed the information on the knot-book. You never know when the reliability of a solid knot will serve you well — or even save your life.

Native Rain Chukka ($100)

Photo: Native

Why we chose it: We needed a do-it-all pair of shoes. From the beach to the restaurant to the trail to the office, we needed some shoes that would handle whatever we threw at it — without compromising comfort. Oh, and if its not too much to ask, something that also looked really nice.

Why we liked it: The Native Chukka Hybrid is lightweight, uber comfy, water-repellent, and the sole has a tread that’ll get you down the trail, across the beach, through your day at work and into your evening happy hour at the bar. Oh, and they do look really, really nice.

Tester Tip: We opted for a darker color given the rigors we would be putting these shoes through. And after a couple of weeks of testing, just a quick wipe down with a wet towel, and they still looked almost new.

Otis Crossroads Sunglasses ($230)

Photo: Otis

Why we chose it: There’s nothing worse than a gigantic scratch right across the lens of your favorite sunglasses. That’s why we were stoked to hear about Otis scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses that are said to be much more durable than plastic. With our active lifestyle, its important to have shades that can handle some bumps and bruises.

Why we liked it: We loved it because their scratch-resistant claim is absolutely true. The mineral glass lenses are distortion-free, super clear and just feel so much better than plastic (slightly heavier, but in a great, high-quality type of way). The polarized lenses also made staring out at the ocean just oh-so easy on the eyes.

Tester Tip: No need to test the scratch-resistant claim yourself. Just take their word for it. We’ve tossed our around in the sand, in car trunks, all over the office, and not a scuff to be found.

Parks Project Leave It Better Tee ($36)

Photo: Parks Project.

Why we chose it: This summer, you’re going to be outside moving around and enjoying the good weather. You want a well-made t-shirt that will last through a long hike while looking good.

Why we liked it: Because the shirt is not only good looking, but because Parks Project dedicates hundreds of thousands of hours to 30 conservancies across the U.S. that support the National Parks. Wear a shirt, feel good about supporting the National Parks.

Tester Tip: Wear it and go hiking at the National Park closest to where you live, and then get involved in a conservancy project.

Tavik Hybrid Shorts ($65)

Photo: Tavik

Why we chose it: You want a pair of fashionable shorts you can wear anywhere during the summer, whether at the beach or the bar.

Why we liked it: The polyester fabric and integrated webbing belt give the shorts a rugged appearance true to its dual nature as both a walkshort and poolshort.

Tester Tip: They’ll look good at a pool party, but they might not stay with you in the surf. These are for fashion, not necessarily paddling out.

Vans Mesh ISO 1.5 ($70)

Photo: Vans

Why we chose it: When an iconic shoe brand puts their spin on a trainer, you’ve got to give it a whirl.

Why we liked it: Vans have ridden the strength of their classics and the tried-and-true simplicity of them. And this Mesh ISO 1.5 is made in that same exact vein. Featuring a mesh upper, an athletic fit and UltraCush Lite outsoles, the Mesh ISO 1.5 might end up being your new favorite pair of Vans to slip on.

Tester Tip: If you want a pair of trainers but don’t like to diverge from the classics, fear not. As the iconic Vans sidestripe is prominently on display so everyone will still know you’re rocking a twist from the purveyor of classics.

Vissla Woodside Woven ($65)

Photo: Vissla

Why we chose it: While summer typically means short sleeves and even no shirts, sometimes you’re going to have to button it up from time to time.

Why we liked it: There is no other shirt around like this. Mural artist Jason Woodside took his panache for blending angles and huge colors and designed one of the most unique button ups around. A soft cotton blend also means this shirt is ready to rock right off the hanger.

Tester Tip: It’s a reverse print shirt, meaning the print is sewn on the inside. This mutes the bright colors a bit, making it a shirt even the most conservative dresser can pull off.

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