2023 Genesis G90 E-Supercharger AWD
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Luxury Comes Standard With the 2023 Genesis G90 E-Supercharger AWD

There’s quite a bit to love about the newly refreshed 2023 Genesis G90 E-Supercharger AWD. It’s a sumptuous sedan perfect for cruising in style. Naturally, there are bells and whistles galore. But perhaps the sweetest optional extra on the brand’s flagship sedan is that there are none. With most luxury models, the options and packages are seemingly endless and increasingly costly. But the Korean maker has adopted a different philosophy: If you buy their top-of-the-line, everything comes standard.

Power and Performance

Under the hood of this road-going schooner, sits a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 beefed up with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system the brand calls an “e-supercharger,” which yields 409 hp and and 405 lb-ft of torque. Not too shabby. With the help of an eight-speed automatic transmission, the 2023 Genesis G90 E-Supercharger AWD will saunter from 0-60mph in a tick or two under five seconds—again…not too shabby.

While the G90 is fairly quick, nothing about it feels sporty, nor should it. That’s not the point. The power is purposeful and part of the curated, opulent experience.

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Driving some rain-soaked roads in and around Miami, the G90 does nearly everything you ask of it with fluidity and grace. It’s controlled in corners, but not tight, and while the steering feels slightly dull, it’s precise. Plus, thanks to the addition of rear-wheel steering and a 12 percent stiffer chassis, compared to the previous version, the nearly 208-inch keel feels more like a clipper than supertanker.

The eight-speed automatic’s shifts are rather suave and the start-stop energy-saving function is one of the most seamless we’ve experienced. To keep the G90 sailing smoothly, front-facing cameras evaluate the road surface for bumps and the multi-chamber air-suspension adjusts in anticipation of jolts, mitigating all but the most cavernous pot holes.

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Updated Inside and Out

The deftly executed exterior redesign features slim twin-line headlamps, a dual matrix grill, tapered silhouette, and elegantly stretched C-pillars bringing it in line with the styling of more recent Genesis offerings. The totality of the G90’s new look stands out in the segment and is sure to turn heads on the road.

The update to the interior is no less dramatic. Car buyers with a six-figure budget expect a certain level of polish and refinement, but the interior of G90 offers customers a lavish experience that manages to transcend the price tag.

The overall theme is white, or negative, space: Clean, uncluttered large panels create a welcoming and relaxing environment, whether you’re behind the wheel or a passenger. The seats are all ensconced in Nappa leather while the wood trim is created from recycled wastepaper, then adorned with metal inlays inspired by sanggam, a Korean pottery tradition.

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Dual panoramic sunroofs open up the sky while heated, ventilated, massaging seats offer an upper echelon of comfort, making long rides seem like a treat. Plus, the doors open and close with the push of a button when it’s time to get out.

Specially laminated windows as well as heaps of sound-deadening materials built into the fuselage make the cabin a place where you can enjoy mostly silence. The audio system can also kick in with a noise-cancelation feature similar to that of high-end headphones. But some might consider it a waste of the G90’s bewitching sound system. Genesis tapped Bang & Olufsen to create the stereo specifically for the G90. The 23-speaker setup not only offers an audiophile-worthy 3D experience but also the ability to re-create the acoustic characteristics from a selection of spaces and venues like Boston Symphony Hall. How you like them apples?

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Limo Vibes

As lovely as the G90 is to drive, the rear cabin is the place to be. The seats are of course heated and ventilated, but they also recline and massage in several different patterns. If you’re sitting on the passenger side, the front seat can shift forward allowing the deployment of a foot rest for passengers, like us, who take their relaxation seriously.

All the amenities, as well as the stereo and privacy sunscreens, can be controlled from a touchscreen in the armrest, so you don’t need to badger the driver when it’s time to skip ahead in the playlist.

Genesis also added a “Chauffeur” driving mode to this generation, which adjusts the electronic dampening to maximize passenger comfort.

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Whizz Bang Tech

With every Genesis launch, we’ve come to expect a few newfangled upgrades and the G90 doesn’t disappoint. Thanks to software called Digital Key 2, owners no longer need to carry their key, rather they merely need to pair their smartphone with the car using the Genesis app and the car will open and start sans a traditional key fob. You can also share a “key card” over text message with others you might choose to lend your G90 to via Apple or Google Wallet.

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Because everyone carries their phone everywhere, Genesis has deployed UV-C lights to sterilize devices in both the front and rear center armrests. The rest of the cabin stays clean thanks to air purifier mode that includes an antibacterial filter and photocatalyst module.

G90 customers get a duo of 12.3-inch HD displays, one to the driver’s instrument panel and one main screen to control the car’s systems. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard but not wireless as the company says they’re more stable when using a cord.

More standard fare, the G90 comes with Genesis’s excellent suite of driver’s aides à la adaptive cruise control, lane following, and blind spot collision avoidance to keep you safer and more focused on the road.

Of course, the U.S. market is thirsty for crossovers and SUVs. A large-and-in-charge sedan may seem an odd model to double down on this side of the Pacific, but the segment still has a staunch customer base. And for those well-healed buyers, the new 2023 Genesis G90 E-Supercharger AWD offers all the luxury they might want in a single spec, no optional packages required.

[$98,700; genesis.com]

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