23andMe Is Having a Massive Sale on DNA Kits

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While we bet you haven’t thought about your ancestry since you had to make a family tree in second grade, it’s one of the most fascinating things you can learn about yourself. Even if your parents or grandparents kept the world’s most detailed account of where they’re from, there’s no way of being able to trace your ancestry further back than just a handful of generations (if even that). If you’ve always been curious about your lineage, there’s no better way to get the specifics than by investing in a 23andMe kit.

The process is fairly straightforward—you provide a saliva sample from home, then mail it back to the 23andMe lab in the same kit it came in. There’s no blood sample and no needles involved. It’s totally private and your individual data isn’t shared with anyone without your explicit consent. After six to eight weeks, you’ll receive an email that lets you know your reports are ready to be accessed in your online account.

Here’s where the real magic happens. 23andMe pulls from more than 150 regions around the world to help determine your ancestry composition. The DNA in your saliva provides links to where your predecessors lived over 500 years ago. It’s accurate, too: The kit can trace percentages down to the 0.1 percent and can even point to specific neanderthal DNA.

Our favorite part, however, is being able to see just how alike you are with your siblings, parents, or cousins. You can see how much of your DNA is shared with brothers, sisters, mom, dad, and extended relatives, plus check out overlapping chromosome segments with up to five other matches. In all, your reports will contain an ancestry composition, a maternal haplogroup, a paternal haplogroup, your neanderthal ancestry, your DNA family, and the DNA Relative Finder, too. You’re in good company—more than one million people have tried the kit and 23andMe has the stories to prove it.

Normally priced at $99 for an ancestry kit, you can now take advantage of the Holiday Family Offer and only pay $69 per kit. Looking to just try it out? Pick up an individual ancestry kit for only $69 (a savings of $30).

Deal: $69 (regular $99) for individual Ancestry Kit, or $139 (regular $199) for Health + Ancestry Kit.

Code: No code necessary. Offer ends soon!

Click here to try the kits yourself.

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