Three Perfect Products: Designers Pick Their All-Time Favorite Gear


From an American supercar with an hourglass body built for speed, to a classic pair of white sneakers, we picked 48 of the most groundbreaking styles and designs in the worlds of auto, home, tech, and beyond. Then, we asked three designers to give us their favorite piece of gear that changed the game. Here’s what they chose. 

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Eames Rocker

“The Eames Rocker is playful, creative, and beautifully proportioned. The chair came to be at a time when formality in someone’s living room was still expected but became the symbol of an era less driven by social conventions, as it remains today. The fiberglass shell was equally innovative.” 
— Yves Béhar is the industrial designer responsible for the SodaStream and the Jawbone. 

Pentel Sign Pen

“I’ve been using a black Pentel Sign Pen nearly every day since architecture school. It’s such a simple and humble instrument compared with the digital tools available to use today. But its comfortable, angled body, wide fiber tip, and brilliant black ink make drawing tactile and fun.”  
— David Rockwell is an architect and designer whose projects include five W Hotels. 

Moulton Bike

“The Moulton Bike has small, strong wheels and high-pressure tires, so you go fast with less effort. The folding bike is a dream, and not just because it’s compact and portable. It’s also made from the same type of stainless steel tubing found on jet fighters for the transmission of hydraulic fluids.”
— James Dyson invented his now-iconic vacuum in the 1980s. 

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