4 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Play the Nintendo Switch

Are you ready for a new Nintendo system? It’s called the Nintendo Switch, and it will hit shelves in March. The Switch easily, well, switches from television console to handheld mobile gaming device and back again. A lot remains unknown about the new mobile system. How much will it cost? Will it play Wii U games, or do gamers have to rebuild their libraries from scratch? Nintendo is being extremely secretive about specific details, of course. But here's what has us rubbing our hands in anticipation.

It’s super portable.
As with all major consoles, the Switch connects to your television for large-screen gaming, but it can be removed from its dock to travel with you. The detachable controller sets you free to play it pretty much anywhere, as it runs on its battery.

It only has one screen.
Nintendo experimented with a two-screen paradigm for a while with its DS and Wii U systems, but that’s distracting and disorienting. The Switch answers the call for sanity and normalcy by returning us to something we can all understand — everything you need, appearing in one place. What’s the fun in glancing back and forth all the time?

A new Mario game!
Classic. We don't have many details, but we can say for sure that it’s on the way.

It has some high-powered hardware on the inside.
If you’re obsessed with tech and dig things like processors and video cards, you’ll be pleased to know that NVIDIA is making a custom graphics chip for this device. Game developers will have access to new APIs — basically, special software commands — for making lightweight yet high-powered games for everyone who picks up the new console.