5 Best Surfboard Racks Any Surfer Should Have

surfboard racks

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Surfing is a fun sport to be apart of, but it can take up a lot of space in your home. So if you want to declutter your space, then you are going to need to pick up a surfboard rack. When you have on in the home, it will make it easier to move around and to get to your board.

There are tons of options out there though. To help you pick the right one for your needs, check out the selection of surfboard racks we have gathered for you below.

When it comes to the best overall surfboard rack you can get, we feel that this is your best bet. Everyone has a wall and that wall can be used to get those boards out of the way with this easy to set up and very durable rack. It is strong enough to hold 4 surfboards of a variety of sizes, as it is also able to adjust the size of each row to fit your board of choice. And best of all, it is very affordable. All of these elements combine to make the best rack out there in our minds.

Now, if you have a car you may want to look into picking up this surfboard rack. Because it can make heading to the beach of choice a whole lot easier if you have it on top of your car. No wrangling it into your car. Easy as can be. Setting it up is really easy too. Hook up 2 longboards or 3 shortboards to very strong and durable rack. A rack that is designed to hook up to any car or truck or SUV’s. And if you want, you can leave the boards up on the car so you have them out of the way. Easy to use and convenient as all get out, this rack is great for any of you car owning surfers out there.

We listed a wall rack above as our best overall surfboard rack. But if you need a bigger rack for your deep collection of surfboards, then this is the rack for you. It is just as easy to set up and it is easy to use. You can mix and match the kinds of boards you got. And the boards come off the rack with no problems at all. No scratches or anything either, as each row is made with foam to protect them from damage and to keep them in place. This rack was made by surfers for surfers, so you could do a whole lot worse than picking this rack up.

If you have plenty of ceiling space in your home or in your garage, you could make your surfboarding life a whole lot easier with this rack. You can drill this into the ceiling for a heavy duty storage space that can hold up to 75 pounds per side. So depending on the size of your boards, you can fit 2 boards on each side of this rack. Adjust the size of the rack to make it easier for you to get to and/or to make it easier to clear up some space. If you got the room, this rack will make your life a whole lot easier.

If you live close enough to the beach, it is really great to hop on the bike and head on down. But if you wanna surf, it can be hard to really do that. It doesn’t have to be though when you have this surfboard rack for your bike attached. You can bring one board with you. A board of any length, as this rack can be adjusted to your needs. Set up is easy and you can grab the board off your bike and hit the waves in no time. It’s just an incredibly convenient piece of equipment.