5 Multi-Purpose Towels That Are Perfect for Summertime

Photo: Courtesy of Tesalate

Whether your pleasure is hiking to a remote backcountry site, lounging on a beach, or simply hanging out at a local park, a trusty towel will certainly simplify your experience.

Plush, oversized towels are a thing of the past, and compact, microfiber towels with versatile uses has replaced them. Rather than owning a beach blanket, a yoga towel, a camp shower towel, etc., why not own just one piece that is big enough for yoga, absorbent enough for showering, and compact enough for a backpack?

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We’ve rounded up five brands offering multi-purpose towels sure to withstand any adventure you throw their way.


Nomadix Towels
Courtesy of Nomadix

The folks at Nomadix believe you should “own less, do more.” So, they’ve designed a long-lasting, multi-function towel that is perfect for yoga, the beach, camping, and travel.

Nomadix towels are made using certified post-consumer plastic bottles. Additionally, Nomadix is a 1% for the Planet company, meaning they donate 1% of net profits to an environmental cause.

Nomadix National Parks
Courtesy of Nomadix

Their range of towels includes classic towels, festival blankets, poncho towels, ultra light towels, and hand towels.

The classic towel weighs in at just 18 oz., and packs down smaller than a traditional water bottle.

It can absorb four times its weight in water, according to Nomadix, and also dries four times faster than a cotton towel, meaning no musky smell.

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The towel is stretch-resistant and anti-slip, making it well-suited for yoga. A tight weave means sand, dirt, and pet hair come off easily.

Nomadix Towel Mojave
Courtesy of Nomadix

If you’re looking for an even lighter option for backcountry trips, the Ultralite towels weigh just 8 oz., and include a stuff sack.


Slowtide Makai Towel Folded
Courtesy of Slowtide

Slowtide was founded in California in 2015 when three friends set out to create “a new canvas for art in the form of a towel.”

Inspired by worldwide travels, the folks at Slowtide created a product that is compatible with surfing, camping, yoga, workouts and even home decor.

Slowtide Travel Towel
Courtesy of Slowtide

The collection includes beach towels, fitness towels, round towels, changing ponchos, blankets, and travel towels.

Slowtide Makai Towel
Courtesy of Slowtide

As the name implies, the Travel Towel is the best lightweight option for global and local adventures. The microfiber towels are made from 100-percent recycled materials and pack down into a reusable travel case. The towels are highly absorbent, sand-repellent, quick drying, and like all of Slowtide’s other towels, feature the work of talented artists.

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud Towels
Courtesy of Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud first made its debut on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in 2016 with a goal of offering fun, lightweight beach towels while supporting marine life causes.

The sharks took the bait, and Sand Cloud has been manufacturing towels displaying fun, marine-centric prints ever since.

Sand Cloud Sea Foam Towel
Courtesy of Sand Cloud

Their traditional towels are made from 100-percent Turkish cotton and walk the line between towel and beach blanket. They’re ultra-lightweight, pack down small, and can even be worn as a wrap, making them the perfect travel companion.

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Sand Cloud also offers a “bag towel,” which can be folded after use and turned into a drawstring backpack.

Sand Cloud Towel
Courtesy of Sand Cloud

Ten percent of profits go to marine conservation organizations like the Marine Conservation Institute, Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, San Diego Coastkeeper, Hawaii Wildlife Fund, and Ocean Connectors.


Tesalate Towel
Courtesy of Tesalate

Tesalate is an Australian company founded after owners Jacky Lam and Volkan Ozbek had an unhappy hike back from a secluded beach with wet, heavy, sandy, beach towels. Eighteen months of R&D yielded Tesalate’s trademark AbsorbLite microfiber, which allows their towels to be sand-free, absorbent, quick drying, compact, and light.

Tesalate Towel Into the Wild
Courtesy of Tesalate

Tesalate says their towel can hold up to one liter of water, and can dry in half the amount of time of a traditional towel. All of their towels are double-sided and feature fun prints, a hanging hook, and a convenient carrying case for travel.


Evolve Galapagos Towel
Courtesy of Evolve

Another Australian brand, Evolve was founded by an environmental science teacher who was inspired by his students and his travels to create a brand that protected the world he loved exploring.

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Evolve’s stated mission is to “save the wild.” Towels are made from recycled waste, and 10 percent of profits are donated to environmental charities such as Oceana, Rainforest Alliance, and Panthera: Tigers Forever Program.

Evolve Bali Towel
Courtesy of Evolve

Each Evolve towel contains the equivalent of 20 recycled plastic bottles in the form of polyester fiber suited to withstand rugged use. Evolve’s trademark Ecolite Microfiber allows their towels to be lightweight, compact, anti-microbial, and sand repellent.

Evolve’s towels are built for adventure and are the perfect combination of performance and style.

Evolve Fiji Towel
Courtesy of Evolve

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