5 of the best power bars to fuel your adventure

The universal truth of action sports is this: we need fuel, and a lot of it. Athletes require heavy loads of calories, fat, protein, and carbs to keep them going whether it’s all day on the trail, long afternoons in the surf or sunrise paddling expeditions before work. But the active life can make for expensive bars if you keep grabbing them at the store or gas station on your way to adventure, and that’s if you’re willing to eat what’s there.

Joe Gudger, an extreme whitewater kayaker who owns ACE Kayaking instruction school in Tennessee, summarizes most athletes’ view on power bars, saying, “I’d rather go hungry than eat that crap.”

Fortunately, the beauty of internet shopping kicks that thought to the curb. Be proactive to save some dough while munching on the good stuff with these five power bars on wholesale.

EPIC Bison Bacon Cranberry


power bars
EPIC Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar. Photo: Courtesy of Covet Public Relations

This is perfect for those wanting extra protein in a quick snack without having to “nom nom” on yet another sweet power bar.

You’ll feel like you actually ate a little bit of a meal during a long day against the rock wall. One caution is that this bar is low in carbs, so you will be going straight into fat and protein stores. Depending on whom you talk to that’s fine, but we recommend this bar more for strength-oriented sports than those with a lot of cardio involved.

Other highlights: gluten free, paleo friendly, omega-3, iron
Best for:climbers on multi-pitch routes
Calories: 200
Protein: 11g
Fat: 12g (sat. 5g)
Avg. single price: $2.99
Avg. wholesale price: 12 pack for $23.70 on Amazon or $1.98 per bar

Also try: Salmon Sea Salt Pepper and Wild Boar Bacon


PROBAR Mint Chocolate BASE


power bars
PROBAR Mint Chocolate BASE Protein Bar Photo: Courtesy of The PROBAR

This bar packs 20 grams of plant protein and plenty of real, recognizable ingredients, doing more than build your strength.

It boasts chia and flax seeds to keep you going strong for that 30-mile ride or 15 miles downriver.

Other highlights: gluten free
Best for: Paddlers, mountain bikers
Calories: 200
Protein: 20g
Fat: 12g (sat. 5g)
Avg. single price: $3.29
Avg. wholesale price: 12 pack for $21.37 on Amazon or $1.78 per bar

Also try: Cookie Dough


Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie

With only nine ingredients (all of which we can pronounce), the Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie stays true to its name.

It’s got 28 grams of carbohydrates to fuel you quick in your cardio routine along with five grams of pea protein and four grams of fiber for that extra mile or wave at the end of the surf session.

And, most importantly, it has real chocolate, so you feel more like you’re indulging than refueling.

Other highlights: gluten free, vegan, certified organic
Best for: surfers, trail runners
Calories: 190
Protein: 5g
Fat: 10g (sat. 5g)
Avg. store single price: $2.29
Avg. wholesale price: 12 pack for $19.39 on jet.com or $1.62 per bar

Also try: Wild Blueberry and Cashew Coconut


Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream

Perfect breakfast! 😄 #rawrev #rawrevolution #spirulinadream #vegan #harmlessharvest @harmlessharvest

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With cashews, dates and agave flavors in the mix, this power bar tastes better than it sounds.

It’s also packing enough good fats and proteins to keep you going hard all day long. Grab a mini bar before you hit the morning surf or the full size for the long haul.

Other highlights: organic, vegan, non-GMO
Best for: surfing, paddling
Calories: 230
Protein: 7g
Fat: 14g (sat. 2g)
Avg. single price: $2.99
Avg. wholesale price: $19.76 on Amazon or $1.65 per bar

Also try: Coconut Delight and Heavenly Hazelnut Chocolate

20% off entire purchase at shop.rawrev.com using coupon code GrindTV expires Sept. 30.

LUNA Protein Berry Greek Yogurt


Perfect morning snack to prepare for an active day. Photo: Courtesy of Clif Bar & Company
Perfect morning snack to prepare for an active day. Photo: Courtesy of Clif Bar & Company

This bar isn’t just for girls. Packing 12 grams of protein and more than enough fiber, the Luna Protein bar is great for those extra miles during long fall hikes or chill evening paddles.

Sweet but not too sweet, filling but not a lump in your gut, the LUNA Protein is just what you need to keep going.

Other highlights: low glycemic, good source of iron and calcium
Best for: SUPing, backpacking
Calories: 190
Protein: 12g
Fat: 8g (sat. 3.5g)
Avg. single price: $1.99
Avg. wholesale price: 12 pack for $11.78 on jet.com or $.98 per bar

Also try: Blueberry Blizz and White Chocolate Macadamia

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