5 Personal Trainer Apps Worth the Download

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When your workout routine starts to feel too, well, routine, it’s tempting to drop some serious cash to work out with one of your gym’s personal trainers. But before you drain your savings, give one of these apps a go. Whether you’re a CrossFit junkie, training for your first 26.2-mile race or attempting to shed some weight before hitting the beach this summer, there’s a download that can help amp up your results.

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Runtastic PRO
Yeah, you’ve been keeping up with your daily runs, but it sure would be nice to get some feedback (sorry, your screaming quads don’t count). This GPS tracking app provides you with voice feedback on your current speed, time, calories burned, and any other stats you program it to report. Looking for an extra challenge after your cardio session? Download a pushup, pullup, situp or squat supplement app from Runtastic’s Fitness App Collection. These add-ons count your reps for you using your smartphone’s sensors.
Available for: iOS, Windows, and Android phones
Cost: $4.99 ($.99 for Sit-ups PRO, Pull-ups PRO, Squats PRO; $1.99 for Push-ups PRO)

6 Week Training
Got a beach trip planned and don’t want to parade your winter pudge around bikini-clad women? This app will get you in shape—STAT. Choose from set goals of 100 pushups, 200 situps or 20 pullsups, and take a quick test to evaluate your fitness level. The app then provides you with daily workouts to help you reach your goal. After weeks two, four, and five, you’ll take an exhaustion test to determine which level of the program is right for you the following week.
Available for: Windows phones
Cost: free

FLOW Competitive Sports 
Calling all athletes: Download this app and take eight preliminary tests to determine your sports-specific strengths and weaknesses. Based on your results, the app creates a personalized workout program for you to follow. And don’t worry about not understanding the exercises in your routine. FLOW provides HD videos that walk you through every single move.
Available for: iOS and Android phones
Cost: $11.99 to $19.99, depending on version

FitnessBuilder Plus
With over 750 workouts ranging from bootcamp to yoga, you’re bound to find a FitnessBuilder routine that spikes your interest. And if by some chance you don’t? The app has more than 5,600 photos and videos that you can drag and drop to create your own routine. You can even print workouts as PDFs. This app’s a bit pricey but totally worth it, we think.
Available for: iOS, Windows, and Android phones
Cost: Free month trial, $9.99/month, $59.99/year

iWOD Fitness
Can’t get enough of burpees and double-unders? This app features a CrossFit newsfeed with articles, Paleo recipes, and daily workouts. Plus, the app comes with multiple CrossFit timers—tabata, interval and countdown. If you want to double check your form before you start pumping iron, the Life Library has videos that demonstrate the correct way to perform certain lifts. The app will store all of your WODs, whether you’re heading to the box for a group workout or going at it alone. In the next few months, iWOD will roll out a  game option that lets users create a randomized workout. A Box Finder feature to help traveling CrossFitters and “garagers” find local boxes is also in the works.
Available for: iOS phones
Cost: Free, with one in-app purchase of $1.99

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