5 Reasons to Buy a PS4

Mj 618_348_5 reasons to buy a ps4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the first Sony game console to launch without backwards-compatibility out of the gate. That means your huge collection of PS3 games is useless, and you’ll have to fork over $400 for the new hardware and another $60 per game. Sony’s offsetting things slightly by offering a pair of free quality indie games with the space shooter ‘Resogun‘ and the film noir puzzle adventure ‘Contrast.’ And next year, Sony’s cloud gaming service promises to bring back a library of past PlayStation console titles for instant streaming. But for now, there are some quality experiences that showcase what next gen gaming can deliver on Sony’s new console.

Developers have been raving about how easy it is to create games for PS4, and that shows in the quality of launch titles that are available (compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 launches). If you already own some of the bigger games on current-gen consoles, you can upgrade to next-gen versions for $10. For those of you who can find a PS4, here are five games – click on “View More Photos” to see them – that will keep you busy until some of the most-anticipated games launch in early 2014.

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