5 Simple Tips to Make Your iPhone Way Faster

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Your phone is a miracle of technology, electrons, and silicon particles jamming together in poetic digital harmony. But why is it running so damn slow? Don't fret, it happens. You are not the first to notice slow smartphone performance, nor will you be the last. It's always unsettling when our expensive gadgets begin to work less-than-perfectly, but as this is a storied problem, there are many solutions. Here are some go-to steps to take when this problem crops up on your iPhone.

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Completely disable your phone's animations.
Your iPhone has some settings that can reduce the jaunty, spring-loaded app animations that zoom out at you. But a newly discovered trick will set you up to be able to wipe them out completely. The end result is that your phone responds to your touches nearly instantaneously. As mentioned, this is definitely a bug that seems bound to disappear in future versions of iOS, but for now, you can totally kill animations by following this trick: Go to Settings, Accessibility, and turn on Reduce Motion.

Delete old photos and other unnecessary files.
The more data your phone has to allocate to memory, the more energy it spends doing so. When you give your Photos app a spring cleaning — along with deleting any unused apps or other data — you reduce a significant burden on your phone. Back them up to your computer or the cloud.

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Restart your phone from time to time.
When you restart a computer, it reallocates proper resources to proper tasks. It's the same situation with your phone. Its boot-up process helps it identify what it needs more of and what it needs less. Treat your phone like a mini-computer; give the poor guy a break every once in a while.

Empty Safari's cache.
In Settings > Safari, there is an option to "Clear History and Website Data." Give it a try and see what happens. Rather than hang on to the details of your browsing history and the images loaded on every page, let them go by activating this option. It frees up space and gives Safari a fresh start. Your phone will thank you.

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Erase long or old text message threads.
Our messages to each other aren't just text, but are also pictures, video, and audio. When enough of it gloms together, it can become unwieldy for a phone to retain. Be your phone's ally and say goodbye to message threads from ex-girlfriends, video-happy family members, and that one friend who keeps sending you viral memes.

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