5 Ways to Better Organize Your Inbox

Mj 618_348_5 ways to better organize your inbox

Your inbox is probably full right now. And it makes sense. It takes real time and effort to sort through messages, and unopened emails can get buried and quickly accumulate. Luckily, there are now more free app-based services designed to enhance and manage inboxes across all email platforms — the trick is just knowing which type of service is right for you.

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Good for:
Those with a ton of tabs open at all times
Email service: Gmail

This app for Gmail users hooks up to your browser as an extension and will alert you when you receive a new, important email. It only notifies users of emails that it prioritizes as important, which it determines through natural language processing. It also allows users to reply to that email straight from whichever tab is open. No more having to switch back to the actual inbox to check for — or respond to — emails. 

Good for:
Emailers with more than one address
Email service: Gmail; Yahoo; Google Apps; Exchange; Outlook; Office 365; iCloud; iMap

CloudMagic merges multiple inboxes under one intuitive roof. The app combines emails from all your addresses in one place, and it provides easy-to-use tools for quick actions (reply, forward), and follow-up reminders. 

Good for:
People who have a lot of email subscriptions
Email service: Gmail; Yahoo; Outlook; Google Apps; AOL; iCloud

Clothing sales; event lists; social media updates; news roundups — subscription-based emails can get annoying, but they’re necessary evils, cluttering inboxes, and arriving at all different hours and days of the week. Unroll.Me is the best way to control this kind of clutter short of pressing the “unsubscribe” button. It combines all selected subscription emails into one daily digest email, to appear in the inbox at the same, customizable time each day. 

Good for:
Anyone who wants to track an email
Email service: Gmail; Outlook; Apple Mail

Sidekick’s claim to fame is that it tells if, when, and how many times someone has opened a sent email. It does this all without alerting the recipient that you are tracking the email that you sent them. 

Color-coded Gmail Stars
Good for: 
Email service: Gmail

There’s a lot more going on with that little yellow star next to each of your emails than first meets the eye. This trick is quick, easy, and doesn’t require downloading of any kind: Click the settings wheel, select “Settings” from the drop-down menu, and under the “General” tab, notice the section that says “Stars.” Click “All Stars” to unlock an arsenal of multicolored stars and symbols. Head back to the inbox and click that yellow star next to each email a few times — it will change to a new color with each click.

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