These Are the Best Health & Fitness Apps for Your Apple Watch

apple watch workout apps

If you have an Apple watch, you probably are quite familiar with the Activity app—that’s actually the most-loved app across the board, according to Apple’s Jay Blahnik.  And it’s no surprise since it’s a great way to keeps tabs on how much you exercise, how many calories you burn, plus how much you move the rest of the day thanks to the “stand” alerts and accelerometer that knows how many steps you take.

The only thing that could make the app better, according to Apple watch users: If it could synch up with their other apps, so they’d get “credit” for their runs—even if they used Runkeeper or Runtastic instead of Apple’s workout app. Or, if they took a class at Equinox and wanted that to count towards their daily workout goals. So, Apple now allows app developers to utilize the heart rate monitor and accelerometer built in to the watch. It’s just another step towards total connectivity in one place rather than having eight different portals and places to keep track of your data. Plus, some smart app-makers are dreaming up creative ways to utilize the watch’s position on your wrist.

So, we rounded up the best health and fitness apps that are taking advantage of all the Apple Watch has to offer. Give ‘em a try. And dont forget to check out the best Apple apps of 2015 here!

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Access camera controls right from your wrist. With the GoPro Apple watch app you can start or stop recording, preview your footage, add highlight tags and even toggle between capture modes.

iTunes, Free


Hitting the slopes this season? Now you can pinpoint exactly where on a particular run or lift you—and others in your group—are in real time. Simply use the hastag “Meet me #Here” and the app automatically identifies where you are and changes the message to “Meet me at KT-22,” for example. The app also tracks miles skied.

iTunes, $2.99

3 Minute Mindfulness

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are endless. But if we asked you to sit still for 20 minutes every day, we understand why you might not have ’em to spare. Well, how about three? That’s all you need to reap the rewards of this app that the developers claim can reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and even help you sleep. Now, they’ve streamlined the process for Apple watch users allowing them to do the breathing exercises right from their wrists.

iTunes, Free

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This already-great workout-tracking app is even better when you have it on your watch. It takes advantage of the wrist-based heart rate monitor to alert you when you’re above or below your target BPM.

iTunes, free

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If you’ve used this app on your phone, you know it allows you to track your calories—and “gives” you extra calories depending on your activity. Now, it will be able to pull in data from apps like Runkeeper and Runtastic, too (rather than simply the Apple Watch Workout app.)

iTunes, Free

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The “personal weight loss coach” for your phone is now at your beck and call right on your wrist. Let Siri know what you had for breakfast, and get instant feedback. Plus, get texts about your progress and more.

iTunes, Free

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Pocket Yoga

Get a visual of the yoga pose you’re supposed to be doing, plus see time remaining, heart rate, and calories burned—right on your wrist.

iTunes, Free

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Now, you can see your current heart rate (as well as your distance and pace) throughout your run with this much-loved (by 47 million users!) app.

iTunes, Free

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