6 Awesome Things You Can Do On a Chromebook

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Chromebook laptops present themselves as lighter-weight sparring partners to other conventional laptop computers. They rely on an Internet connection for most of their functionality and are supremely portable, affordable computing devices. If you're off to a coffee shop that has a solid WiFi network, then you're ready to rock and roll on a Chromebook all day doing just about anything you could hope for, whether it's work or play. If you're in search of a stripped-down computer that still remains useful, this list outlines just a few of the benefits of using a Chromebook.

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Run Compatible Apps Offline
Not everything on a Chromebook requires an Internet connection in order to work. Various apps support offline modes, leaving you free to edit documents, read ebooks, read downloaded email, write emails to be sent later, edit photos, or even play games.

Use Your Voice to Interact With It
Once the option is activated on your Chromebook, all it takes is the spoken exclamatory "OK Google," and your computer is listening to your request. It might be anything from a search for song lyrics to to a movie showtime lookup, but your computer will answer your call.


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Edit Images With Photoshop
The high-grade photo editor is available as a fully streaming Web app. All you need to do is bring some design talent to the table.

Run Almost Any Android App
With the installation of a helper app called App Runtime for Chrome, your Chromebook can bring your mobile experience to a laptop screen. Your favorite Android smartphone apps can make their appearance in a wholly different form factor. 

Use a Full Desktop Operating System
Your Chromebook is built upon Linux, a fully capable alternative operating system for computers. By putting it into Developer Mode, you can gain access to more of your computer's capabilities and use it more as you might another laptop. After you've got the desktop version of Linux running, download Steam for Linux and install some contemporary games.


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Take a Screenshot
It's an easy trick: Hit the Control key and Window Switcher key at the same time. Now you're a screenshotting pro.

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