6 of the Best Fitness Apps to Amp Your Next Cardio Session

6 of the Best Fitness Apps to Amp Your Next Cardio Session

The difference between dreading your morning run or ride and totally killing it could lie in the hands of your phone. But with thousands of fitness apps out there, finding the right one is easier said than done. So, we rounded up our favorite apps that motivate us to get in some al fresco cardio. 

From music, to competition, and even raising money for your favorite charity, there is literally something out there for every type of guy (we won’t judge you if you’re more amped by music than by good deed—hat much). These seven apps can boost your well being in more ways than one, and can completely transform your workout from ‘meh’ to actually enjoyable. Next time you hit the road, track or trail, make sure you have one of these apps backing you up.

Adidas Go

Adidas teamed up with Spotify to create an app that curates the ultimate playlist for your run. And the best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger. According to a press release, the iPhone’s accelerometer calculates your stride rate, and the app uses the data to find tracks with that match it from your preferred genre of music. Once you’re finished, you can review your distance, time, pace, and Adidas miCoach Runscore, as well as save your favorite new tracks from the workout to your Spotify collection. You can download it on iTunes for free.

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The unique training tool provides race day motivation from your family, friends, or coach. This free app can be downloaded on iTunes and allows others to pre-record audio messages to cheer you on during your dash to the finishline to provide that extra boost when you need it. Motigo “delivers emotional fuel” and can run in conjunction with your other go-to fitness or music apps. 

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Map My Run

This popular app that tracks your run, walk, hike, or bike ride, is now part of the Under Armor company. It lets you share your workout results with friends, analyze your data, and can report your stats for you throughout your workout. The app, available for iPhone and Android, comes in two forms: the free version and the ad-free MVP version, which gets you music integration and allows you take pics of your route, but will cost you $29.99 (per year) or $5.99 (per month).

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This GPS running and cycling app not only tracks your distance, but also elevation gained, average speed, max speed, and heart rate (if wearing a comparable monitor). If competition motivates you, this app is for you since it allows you to join challenges and compete with others—or yourself. It’s basically like social media for fitness, or what the company calls “Social Fitness.” It’s available for iPhone and Android. And, if you’re lucky enough to have scored an Apple Watch, Strava recently launched a free app for it.

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Charity Miles

Why would anyone not do this? Charity Miles is a free app for iPhone and Android that allows you to earn money for a charity with every mile that you run, bike, or walk. The app gives you access to different charities and you choose to which one you want to donate your miles. Sponsors of the app will pay 25 cents for every mile you run or walk and 10 cents per mile for every mile biked. The app tracks your distance as you work out, and when you are done you can share your workout, and let others know that you’re not only fit—but also a super great human.

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Rock My Run

Rock My Run allows you to pick the genre of music and the duration of your run and the app uses custom DJ mixes to create your personal, ultimate playlist. Feeling fatigued around mile 3? The app detects your sluggish state and pumps up the beat of the music.  The app can be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google Play.

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