6 of the best surfing apps to make you a better surfer

Do you want to become a better surfer? Or a healthier one? Or one with better surfboards? Here’s a list of six surfing apps that can make a real difference both in and out of the water.

Surfboard Finder
With an extensive database of surfboard brands including Channel Islands, Firewire, Lost, Haydenshapes, Chilli, and 7S, and a store locator featuring thousands of surf stores globally, plus an algorithm that matches these with your own personal information, Surfboard Finder does exactly what it says on the tin. The app simplifies the board-buying process and can help you find the board that is best suited to you and the conditions you surf most.
Price: $0.99 (iTunes)


Billabong Surf Trip
One of the better and most downloaded surfing-simulation apps, Billabong Surf Trip mixes arcade-game-style action with a wide, exotic destination list of waves that includes Huntington Beach, Jeffreys Bay, and Brazil. It’s highly addictive and probably the closest you will ever get to performing an aerial 360 whilst in the barrel at Teahupoo.
Price: $0.99 (iTunes)


Surf Journal
A digital diary for your time spent in the ocean. You can log your sessions, what the tide was like, and what swell direction works best, as well as map where you surfed. It’s for the surfer with an eye for detail and has features where you can attach photos to sessions and add custom surf spots you find to your personal map. Eventually it allows you to build an extensive digital archive of your surfing life.
Price: Free (iTunes)

Surf Journal*

Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training
2012 ASP world champion Joel Parkinson created this app with his longtime trainer, Wes Berg, to allow you to experience his same fitness and training programs. There are different Tour stops, each with a slightly different routine, while you can also build your own programs using a Favorites tab. With 30 programs and more than 150 surfing-specific exercises, it’s a good way to train while also providing valuable insight into what it takes to be a world champ.
Price: $3.99 (iTunes)


Pyzel Surfboards
Master shaper of Pyzel Surfboards Jon Pyzel has been shaping John John Florence’s boards since he was 5. This app provides detailed descriptions of board models as well as an inquiry function to allow users to send an email and inquire about a particular model directly from the app. You can order a custom board via the app, and there are bonus extras in the form of videos, blogs, and bios on Pyzel and his riders.
Price: Free (iTunes)

surfing apps
Grab the Pyzel Surfboards surfing app and you could be surfing like John John Florence. Maybe. Photo by Brent Bielmann/Surfing magazine

My Injury
With detailed information about the most commonly treated injuries, this range of apps helps with your road to recovery when injured. Be it My Back Injury or My Shoulder Injury, you will find specific injury treatments, taping, exercises, tips, and images. It’s fairly simple to navigate, so you can manage your injury effectively.
Price: $0.99 (iTunes)

My injury*

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