6 Pro Tips to Make Your Dropbox Work for You

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Dropbox is reimagining what it means to store your files in the cloud with its recently announced product called Project InfiniteRather than sync your cloud files to your local file system as you edit, rename, move, and delete them, Project Infinite presents the user with a placeholder file that points directly to the appropriate place of a user’s Dropbox storage. This means that without requiring any of your computer’s hard drive space, Dropbox can grant you access to in-the-cloud files as though they were stored locally. It’s a simple idea that, when executed, will make a lot of people very happy, however there’s nothing but speculation out there now. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the robust cloud infrastructure that Dropbox already has in place for its users. Here, we break down some of the best ways to get the most out of it.

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Share Big Files Easily
Perhaps the famed cloud service’s most killer feature, Dropbox makes it easy to send your friends a link to download a large file or set of files. All they need to do is click on it and start downloading. Gone are the days of attaching huge videos to an email, pressing “Send,” and waiting an eon or two for the damn thing to arrive at its destination. With your file uploaded to Dropbox, right-click on it and select “Share link.” This is the link you need to send in order to grant others access to your files.

Unshare Stuff
Sometimes you’re just done sharing your stuff with someone. Dropbox grants you the ability to stop sharing folders that you’ve invited others to access. Whatever your motivation in revoking someone’s access to your stash of digital goodies in the cloud, know that it’s very easy to navigate to a designated folder’s sharing preferences and click the “Unshare” button.

Play Your iTunes Library Anywhere
When you store your iTunes library in your Dropbox folder, you can enjoy your music on as many devices as you want. Each song’s play count and metadata syncs perfectly, no matter which computer you’re using to listen or edit track data. It’s an OCD dream come true.

Never Accidentally Delete Anything Again
Even if you accidentally delete a file from within Dropbox, those generous geniuses will retain it for 30 more days. This is certainly enough time for you to realize how much you actually want those vacation pictures or portraits of your in-laws. Click the “Show deleted files” button in order make these not-yet-lost files reappear in faded gray. Right-click on them and select “Restore” in order to resurrect your data in a snap.

Access Your Favorite Files Offline
You can “fave” a file in your iOS or Android Dropbox app in order to download it to your device’s storage. Without needing an internet connection — you could be on an airplane, for example — you will retain access to these locally stored files.

Back Up Photos the Moment You Take Them
The Dropbox mobile apps have a feature that lets you automatically upload your phone’s photos and videos to the cloud when you take them. Even if someone steals your phone, you’ll still have all your photos protected. This feature is easily enabled within your app’s settings. Be sure to grant the Dropbox app permission to access your photos when it asks for it.

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