7 New Items We Love for Women’s Surf

Photo: Courtesy of Birdwell Beach Britches/Sarah Lee

Many exciting things have been happening in women’s surf lately, including pay equity in World Surf League contests, female photographers landing cover shots on surf magazines, and all-female surf clubs popping up in remote villages where less than 10 years ago only men surfed.

As women’s surfing grows and shines, more products than ever are being made that are specific to female surfers – or at least appeal to their interests and needs. Brands are catering to fits and looks that actually suit female surfers, and they’re prioritizing environmental and social consciousness in manufacturing. Female-founded surfwear startups are proliferating, and big brands are finally paying attention to what women really want to wear.

This season, we’ve got our eyes on surf suits designed by female chemists, board bags made from scrap swimsuit fabric, and feminine spins on timeless board short designs. Here are seven items we’re loving in women’s surf.

Seea Longboard Cover ($89)

Photo: Courtesy of Seea

Where has this board cover been all of our collective surfing lives? Seea‘s longboard cover (also available for midlengths) eliminates the clunkiness of putting on and taking off a surfboard sock, while still providing the protection needed to keep wax off your car during transport or off other boards when stacking.

Photo: Courtesy of Seea/Luki O’Keefe Luki O'Keefe/Seea

Made from upcycled excess fabric from their swimsuit manufacturing, these covers come in vibrant patterns and come with a matching tote for storage. A couple more bonuses: Seea is a female-founded company, and they make their products here in the U.S.

Photo: Courtesy of Seea/Luki O’Keefe

[buynow brand=”” product=”” price=”$89″ link=”https://www.theseea.com/collections/accessories/products/longboard-cover-tulip”]

Hakuna Wear Cloud 9 One-Piece Suit ($159)

Photo: Courtesy of Hakuna Wear

Speaking of female-founded companies, here’s another surfwear startup to celebrate: Hakuna Wear was founded by Jessica Boynton, a PhD chemist with a passion for dressing in costume and designing with imagination.

The Cloud 9 One Piece from Hakuna Wear is made from uber-soft and stretchy Geoprene that makes this one of the most comfortable spring suits we’ve ever tried. This suit is flattering on all kinds of body types and comes in black for those who like to keep it simple or electric “Galaxy Blue” for those who like to stand out. A four-inch interior pocket with a key loop makes this suit not just fun but also practical.

Photo: Courtesy of Hakuna Wear

[buynow brand=”” product=”” price=”$159″ link=”https://hakunawear.com/products/cloud-9-one-piece-suit”]

Birdwell 403 Board Shorts ($89)

Photo: Courtesy of Birdwell Britches

Birdwell Beach Britches have been around since 1961 – the company is actually female-founded, Carrie Birdwell Mann turned her home into a sewing room and storefront for her design – but only recently began making the super-flattering, high-waisted 403 Women’s Board Shorts.

Available in 11 colors (though we’re partial to the classic red), treat these two-ply nylon shorts right and they will last forever. Birdwell Beach Britches have a lifetime guarantee and are hand-cut and sewn in Santa Ana, California.

Photo: Courtesy of Birdwell Beach Britches/Sarah Lee

[buynow brand=”” product=”” price=”$89″ link=”https://www.birdwell.com/products/403-womens-board-shorts-red?variant=19303450374″]

prAna Nala Jacket ($109.95)

Photo: Courtesy of prAna

There aren’t too many surf jackets out there for women and certainly not too many that aren’t plain black. prAna‘s Nala Surf Jacket comes in a “Black Horchata” print that looks as spicy as it sounds, with zig zags layered over florals.

This 2mm neoprene jacket is perfect for layering over a long jane sleeveless spring suit or bikini, providing not only a little extra warmth but also UPF 50+ sun protection. Seams that run along the back of the waist and the front of the hip bones will give you a tapered, flattering look and make you feel feminine as you glide across that evening glass.

[buynow brand=”” product=”” price=”$109.95″ link=”https://www.backcountry.com/Store/catalog/search.jsp?s=u&q=prana+nala+jacket”]

Patagonia Women’s Long-Sleeved Swell Seeker One-Piece Swimsuit

Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia

Patagonia’s 2019 swimwear line is full of colorful prints featuring plant and animal graphics inspired by the Tarkine region of Tasmania, an area that is home to a World-Heritage-listed Gondwana rainforest currently threatened by logging and mining. Patagonia’s textile designers visited the Tarkine and feature its flora and fauna on pieces like the One-Piece Swell Seeker, a long-sleeve surf suit perfect for warm-water excursions.

The mock-neck, full-coverage cut provides plenty of protection from the sun. The swell seeker not only brings attention to a rainforest under threat, but it’s also Fair Trade sewn and its body fabric is made from 83% recycled polyester and nylon, so you can feel good about where you’re spending your dollar.

Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia/Justin Turkowski

[buynow brand=”” product=”” price=”$179″ link=”https://www.backcountry.com/patagonia-swell-seeker-long-sleeve-one-piece-swimsuit-womens?skid=PAT02S8-LASFLOPK-XS&ti=U2VhcmNoIFJlc3VsdHM6c3dlbGwgc2Vla2VyOjE6MTpzd2VsbCBzZWVrZXI=”]

Dakine Kassia Daylight Surfboard Bag ($95)

Photo: Courtesy of Dakine

For its seasonal collaboration, Dakine has paired up with noseriding queen and cosmic creative Kassia Meador to release the Kassia Collection, a line of 32 products that combine Kassia’s tie-dye style with female-forward surf supplies like wet/dry bags, hats, surf leggings, rash guards, rack pads, and in this case, board bags.

The Daylight Surfboard Bag comes in 5’8″, 6’3″ and 7’0 sizes (if you’re looking for a longboard bag, check out the Noserider Bag which comes in 8’0″, 9’2″ and 9’6″), and features 1/4″ of foam protection and an exterior made from recycled polyester.

We’ve used Dakine’s bags on multiple cross-Pacific journeys and they’re protected our boards even as we watched helplessly from a window seat as bag attendants hurled suitcases on top of them. Now, that protection comes with some psychedelic pop in the form of Meador’s artwork.

Photo: Courtesy of Dakine

[buynow brand=”” product=”” price=”$95″ link=”https://www.dakine.com/en-us/womens/womens-collections/kassia-collection/10002294-574/”]

MANDA Organic Sun Paste (SPF 50) ($28)

Photo: Courtesy of MANDA

A surf roundup wouldn’t be complete without a sunscreen, and this is definitely a category where a lot of exciting new brands are popping up. MANDA makes organic sun protection in the form of a SPF 50 paste and a SPF 50 sun cream.

The ingredients include almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, thanaka, cacao butter, shea butter and cinnamon oil – all organic and good enough to make a smoothie with, save for the zinc oxide, the active ingredient that will keep you burn-free during a long day on the water.

MANDA products are reef safe and come in 100% recyclable bio-plastic containers.

Photo: Courtesy of MANDA/Cyrus Sutton

[buynow brand=”” product=”” price=”$28″ link=”https://mandanaturals.com/collections/all-products/products/manda-organic-sun-paste-spf-50-40-grams”]

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