7 New Tricks We Expect to Find on the iPhone 7

Xaume Olleros / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Tech insiders are eagerly awaiting a new iPhone, which could come as early as next month. Of course, Apple won't confirm any details on the still-unannounced product, but if there is a new phone, it will probably be called the iPhone 7. It’s rumored to come in two sizes, just as the current line of iPhone 6 does, with a 4.7-inch standard model and a 5.5-inch “Plus” model. But there are plenty of new surprises being hinted at by way of component leaks and gadget spy shots. Here’s what we’re currently expecting in the next iPhone.

It won’t have a headphone jack.
Gone are the days of wired audio, according to this Bloomberg report. The future of audio consumption is Bluetooth, and it just so happens that Apple owns a Bluetooth headphone manufacturer called Beats. Saying goodbye to a conventional headphone jack will reportedly free up enough space to see the new iPhone fitted with a second internal speaker. And before you freak out about having to part with your beloved wired headphones, know that companies are already gearing up to sell you Lightning-compatible headphones.

There will be a souped-up camera system.
Some are expecting dual cameras on the front of the device will work together as one in order to take high-quality photographs in even the lowest light. Leaked photos from around the Web clearly display iPhone bodies with two rear-facing lenses for capturing some great-looking images in any situation.

The home button is being reinvented.
Rather than be a physical button, according to Forbes, it will likely be pressure sensitive, relying on a technology called haptic feedback. And just like the MacBook’s trackpad, it will probably vibrate in response to use. Look for an iPhone 7’s home button to be able to do a variety of things that other iPhone home buttons simply can’t do.

A newer, faster, better processor.
The processor is the brain and nervous system of every gadget you own, and Apple is known for making nice ones. This new one will probably be called the A10. If you want the hyper-technical dissection, MacRumors has the full breakdown on the new chip’s performance.

A bigger battery.
What’s not to love when your beloved electronics can go longer without needing a charge? The iPhone 6 Plus showed consumers Apple knows how to make devices with worthwhile battery life, and the iPhone 7 is rumored to build on this positive momentum.

It will likely be water resistant.
Some Android devices have impressive water-resistance properties, even operating underwater without even the smallest of issues occurring. We doubt you’d actually need to use your iPhone underwater, but Tech Times reports Apple will release a more robust device than it has in the past that can more readily handle the bumps and splashes of modern living.

Rumored up to 256 GB of storage.
Maybe you’re a media warrior and you simply need to travel with your entire music and video library with you all the time. It’s never been so possible as it will be with a 256 GB iPhone 7, which will have enough storage space for you to go hog wild with your entertainment choices. This is more storage than many laptops have nowadays, so go nuts.

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