8 Creepy Dating Apps You Shouldn’t Download

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Online dating can be a fun and easy way to meet–ok, or hook up with–a woman. But when it comes to technology, more isn’t always better. New websites and applications have made it increasingly possible to creep on just about anybody.

Our partners at HowAboutWe found the 8 creepiest dating apps on the market. Yes, if you download one of these, we will judge you.

The kind of app we’re talking about:

On the Rebound: This app tracks your Facebook friends’ relationship statuses and sends you an alert the moment somebody breaks up. Not only is it kind of desperate (we’re guessing that not every single person in your dating pool is in a relationship), it’s also kind of stalker-y. Not to mention, being someone’s rebound is not exactly a great way to find a lasting relationship.

To learn about seven more super creepy apps, read the full article.

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