The 8 Best Gym Workout Apps for Strength Training

best gym workout apps

There are so many gym workout apps and training apps out there that it can be hard to figure out what to use. But don’t worry, if you look at the right kind of weightlifting apps and the best weight training apps, you can get a handle on your workouts and stay fit for the long haul.

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We looked around and put together some of the best gym workout app options and some of the best strength training apps out there to help you.

Check out these top weight training apps and best lifting apps to use in your workouts:

Pumping Weight


Pumping Weight is strictly for weightlifting workouts, and is perfect for streamlining your gym session with its ability to guide and track workouts. It automatically records rest periods and visually charts your progress across the board—from weight lifted to intervals completed.

Download here on iTunes.

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The 21-Day Shred


Created by Men’s Fitness Executve Digital Director Mike Simone, the 21-Day Shred is a diet and exercise program that’ll get you unbelievable results in just three weeks. Now, it’s been updated to include bonus strength training programs, including one to bulk up, one to do at home, and more. Read more about the program here.

Download the app here on iTunes or get the PDF here.


Free; $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year for premium version

FitStar does all of the legwork of planning your workouts for you. Exhaustively customized programs that allow you to give real-time feedback about which exercises were too tough, too easy, or just right. The app uses that information to create routines that challenge you in the right ways so you can see gains and improvements without injury. It doesn’t hurt that the app’s virtual trainer is former NFL goliath Tony Gonzalez—a no-excuses motivator whose positive feedback is as impressive as his biceps.

Download on Google Play and iTunes.

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Jetfit Workout

Free; Pro version available for $4.99

Don’t be that guy who walks around the gym with his crumpled piece of paper and pen, scribbling down every set and rep like an elementary student trying to take notes in biology class. Jetfit is a straightforward app that crafts your workout regimen and keeps your calendar to balance gym days and rest days. It also keeps track of all the nitty gritty rep details as you work your way through each set, so you can keep a detailed log of the weight you’re lifting and improvement on max out days.

Download on Google Play and iTunes.

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Free; wagering money is optional

Pact (formerly known as Gympact), isn’t going to tell you how to work out or when to work out, but it will get you motivated to get to the gym and get your workouts done. The app allows you to wager money on whether or not you’ll complete your workouts—so if you reach your goals, you’ll earn cold hard cash. The money comes from a communal pot of users, so the money you earn is collected from slackers who don’t get to the gym. But it works both ways—if you don’t meet your goals it’s you who pays up.

Download here on Google Play and iTunes.

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Gym Buddy


Simplicity at its best, Gym Buddy is designed to be your no-frills aid in the gym. It can track supersets with ease, can juggle and record multiple lifting programs, and times your rest periods with a 30-, 60-, or 120-second automatic timer.

Download here on iTunes.

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Free; $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year for premium version

Designed to help you hone in on your problem areas, Sworkit will help you tone up with workouts focused on certain parts of your body. Want a six-pack? Choose a core-specific strength workout. Been skipping leg day? Not anymore. (Note: You have to train your whole body within the week if you want to see any real results!) Additionally, Sworkit connects to Spotify so your can stream pre-made playlists that pair up with your workout.

Download on Google Play or iTunes.

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Touchfit: GSP

$4.99, plus $9.99 optional membership

The “GSP” in Touchfit: GSP stands for Georges St-Pierre, the MMA World Champion and your virtual personal coach who guides you through the muscle-shredding routines that he has created. These workouts are not for the faint of heart, so the app introduces you to the exercises in a test workout—where you can rate moves as easy, tough, or “need to learn.” From there, the daily workouts customize themselves as you improve.

Download here on iTunes (iPhone only).

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