8 Things You Should Probably Stop Doing on Instagram

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There’s a reason over 500 million people keep Instagramming: It’s a satisfying, not-so-subtle way to brag to the world that your life is worthy of sharing. But that boastful outreach can easily cross the line — making you look like, well, an asshole.

1. #Stop #Hashtagging #Everything #All #the #Time #Hashtag
We get it, you want those followers and Likes just like you wanted to add every single person in the entire digital universe as a friend when you first got Facebook. #Chill. A few will do, and you can still get the word out there without looking ridiculous.

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2. Spare us the food Instagrams.
You are not Martha Stewart. You are not Alex Atala. You are not Anthony Bourdain. We’re done here.

3. Quit sharing your lame photos from the bar.
We like beer, too, but you can do better than whatever you just took a picture of at happy hour. There is a way to take cool beer Instagrams. Just ask our resident beer expert.

4. Stop showing off your biceps.
Nothing’s wrong with being proud of your gains. You’ve worked hard to look and feel this way. But bro, come on, you really don’t need a bunch of notifications and hearts on an app to tell you you’re getting shit done in the gym, most of whom are probably just robots. Here’s a rule we just made up: For every gym pic you share, go do 100 pull-ups followed by 60 burpees and 50 squats. Then never do it again.

5. Yes, Instagram has beautiful women. Don’t stalk them.
So you found a model on Instagram. Hard to miss them, really. Move on. Don’t stop, scroll, like that photo from 67 weeks ago — and then four more after it. We get it. She’s beautiful, and right there on your phone. Hell, some men’s magazines even encourage you to gawk via Instagram. There are better uses of your time than being a creep behind a screen.

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6. Don’t forget to drop the photographer’s name.
Who took your photo? Not you? Tag them, credit them. It’s as simple as that.

7. Quit ruining the concert for everyone else.
That’s what awful people use Snapchat for, unfortunately.

8. Stop Instagramming everything.
Everyone knows that not everything in this world is all that interesting or worth posting. And those moments are perfect. They make the times you decide to post an image all the better. Don’t forget you don’t have to hoard your memories, they’ll still be there even if you can’t see them in your feed. Once a day or two will do just fine.

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