9 Adventure Vines That Will Make You Miss the App

The loops were too good to last forever. Twitter recently announced it was shuttering the much-loved video sharing app Vine. On a basic, day-to-day level, this isn’t a big deal. We live in a world with Snapchat, Instagram, and Periscope. We can livestream NFL games on Twitter. There will still be absolutely no shortage of ways to get footage on the internet. However, there’s still something kind of sad about Vine leaving, because for whatever reason, its microscopic seven second restriction allowed for some unparalleled absurdist creativity, especially when it came to DIY adventure and quick travel videos. For once, after seeing say, an insane Red Bull tricks video, we could try our own take, even if it was just a looping shot of nothing too impressive.


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For a medium that exists in seven seconds or less, it’s pretty incredible how many different ways a Vine could be great. The internet got worse yesterday, but before the cord is cut, enjoy a few of our favorites.

Wakeboard euphoria

Perfect day

Parasailing seems fun

Seven seconds of skydiving

Mountain biking in Scotland

Watch out!

Let’s go to Bali

The best sunset on Vine


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