9 Things You Should Never Do on Snapchat

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Just because the pictures disappear doesn’t mean your friends will respect you tomorrow. (Especially because they probably took a screenshot.) Snapchat’s functionality is straightforward. If you need a quick breakdown, here’s how it works: You snap, modify, and send photographs and videos to your followers, who can look at your message any time after they receive it, but it’s only visible to them for an amount of time that you specify, often 10 seconds or less. That simple process can make for fun, entertaining bits of social comedy — but you wouldn’t know it by looking at most users who share boring and annoying day-to-day posts. Here’s how not to be that guy on Snapchat.

Don’t overdo it with the Lenses.
Cool, you changed the pitch of your voice for the millionth time because you did it once when you were out drinking with your buddies, and at first it was super funny to turn your face into a cartoon dog who keeps licking the camera. That time you swapped faces with your girlfriend and everyone thought it was hilarious (Nice beard, Anne!)? That only works once.

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Don’t snap your entire day.
Everyone used to (and still) do this on other social platforms. It’s a lot like Instagram before people started curating their feeds more. Your feet walking down the street. Your spoon stirring your ramen. Your finger changing channels on the remote. Your boring daily routine is not suddenly exciting when it is shared online, it’s magnified. But if you have a dog, by all means keep sending snaps of your dog, because everyone loves dogs.

We’re not at the concert; we don’t care about the concert.
Maybe a quick video or picture is fine. It’s a humble brag… good enough. But no one cares about the next 20 pictures — especially the guy trying to enjoy the concert in the row behind you.

Quit making your Stories so damn long.
Sure, that’s some good advice in real life. But “Stories” are photo and video compilations that you post to your own account for any of your friends to see. It’s a lot easier than selecting individual friends to send your Snapchats to each time. That said, if they’re longer than a few seconds, no one’s going to watch the entire thing.

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Don’t be a creeper.
People can tell who has watched their stories. This means that if you don’t have a Snapchat relationship with someone, in which you’re sending each other photos and videos privately, it’s not a good idea to obsessively stalk their content. 

Don’t send the same snap every day.
We get it, you like beer and face-swapping with pictures on your phone. You sent the same thing yesterday. And the day before that.

Don’t snap while driving.
It’s a good way to end up with a Darwin Award.

Don’t use Snapchat like you would Instagram.
You’d be forgiven if you thought the two apps were similar thanks to Instagram’s new Story feature. But no one wants to see your shitty pictures of what you’re having for lunch on Snapchat. (Then again, no one wants to see it anywhere.)

Skip the dick pics.
Somehow, some way, someone (everyone) is going to see it. Unless, of course, that’s what you want. If that’s the case, maybe just don’t take the picture from the neck down.

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