9 Top Drink-Counting Apps

Drinking buddy rotator

“Let’s just grab a few beers.” How many times have you heard that, only to wake up in a strange place with a stranger-looking woman? Just one more drink can quickly spiral into five, ten, or 15, and that’s when the trouble starts. Avoid the hangover (and the awkward good-bye) by keeping tabs on what you’re tossing back. To help you keep track, we’ve selected a few of our favorite drink-tracking apps on the most popular operating systems out there. Cheers to no more walks of shame.


This app has profiles for both you and a friend so you can track drinks simultaneously. It’ll display your blood alcohol content (BAC) on a graph while calculating absorption and retention of alcohol over time. It even allows you to notify yourself when you reach a specific BAC level.
(itunes.com, $0.99)

BAC Alcohol Calculator
This interactive BAC calculator has more than 30 predefined beverages for users to choose from, but it also allows users to customize their drinks to match what they’re actually imbibing.
(itunes.com, $0.99)

R-U-Buzzed? allows users to enter their weight, gender, hours spent drinking, and amount of alcohol consumed. It’ll display the words “You’re buzzed” if you’re not sober enough to drive. It also has a GPS feature so that users can locate a taxi in the area for a safe ride home.

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ALCulator uses your gender and weight to determine your approximate BAC level based on which drinks you’ve plugged into the app. It comes with a set of default beverage styles and sizes, but you can modify them depending on what you’re drinking that night (or day).
(play.google.com, Free)

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker
AlcoDroid will plot your BAC development and ping you when you go back under the legal limit if you’ve gone above it, as well as when you reach zero. You can also track your drinking habits daily, weekly, or monthly.
(play.google.com, $2.99)

Alcohol Calculator
You can provide your drinking duration to the alcohol calculator to ensure even more accurate results. Simply tap when you begin your drink and then tap again once you’ve stopped to ensure the most accurate assessment of your BAC.
(play.google.com, Free)

Windows Phone

BAC Calculator
BAC Calculator allows users to search through more than 4,000 drinks and create multiple profiles, for both you and your friends. It’s a simple, clean, and effective way to track your drinks.
(windowsphone.com, Free)

Drinking Buddy
Drinking Buddy let’s you set a target BAC level, and it’ll notify you when you’re getting close to it. If you overshoot it, the app will also display how long it’ll take for you to drop down to your target zone.
(windowsphone.com, $0.99)

Alc Calc pro
AzureZeta’s Alc Calc pro is a simple app that allows you to watch your BAC rise and fall in real time. It also features Facebook integration, so your friends can keep an eye on your alcohol levels.  

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