A $1,500 Smart Watch That Makes Sense

Mj 618_348_tag heuer connected watch

TAG Heuer, the 150-year-old Swiss watchmaker that’s been crafting high-end timepieces since the 1800s, is now jumping on the smartwatch wagon. It’s calling its Connected watch “the first luxury watch powered by Android Wear,” which is Google’s wearable operating system.

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The platform, which includes over 4,000 app options from the Google Play store and is available on LG, Sony, and Motorola watches, contains real functionality: It can display a text, send reminders or give directions, and keep track of heart rate and other fitness-related data thanks to Google Fit. While most watches act like the Apple Watch, with a fully adjustable digital face, TAG Heuer went for a more nuanced look. The 46-mm sapphire face features an LCD display against classic mechanical arms. And the manufacturer wrapped the water-resistant touchscreen in a sturdy titanium case to protect it from random accidents or during a tough adventure.

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It’s available now with seven rubber strap designs pictured below. And now that Android Wear works with iPhone, there’s no reason a guy with $1,500 to spare can’t wear this on his wrist. [$1,500; tagheuer.com]

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