A Better Mosquito Trap

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Backyard barbecues, camping adventures, and evenings spent beneath a starry night sky. Summer’s our favorite time of year for gatherings and parties but unfortunately, outdoor time also means more quality time with everybody’s least favorite party guests — those pesky mosquitoes, forcing us to rely on chemical-laden sprays or lotions, (often ineffectual) all-natural candles, and noisy zappers to keep them at bay. 

Until now. Introducing DynaTrap, this summer’s must-have bug-repelling gadget. The technology-driven trap is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and brilliantly offers protection against all types of pests, particularly mosquitoes, biting flies, wasps, hornets, and more. But no need to worry about our friendly winged friends – DynaTrap is designed to spare the lives of pollinating insects like butterflies and honeybees, so it’s also a safe addition to any garden.

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What sets this heavy-duty trap apart from its competitors is the combination of UV light and carbon dioxide technology, rather than smelly chemicals or dangerous pesticides, to get the job done. When human beings exhale, we release carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes can detect from more than 200 feet away. Each DynaTrap attracts bugs by mimicking that process, in addition to the light and heat emitted from the UV bulb. Once the predatory insects have been lured to the trap, a powerful fan vacuums them into a retaining cage from which they can’t escape, thus causing them to perish. It’s like a tractor beam for bugs. We should also mention that the fan is whisper quiet, so there’s no annoying humming or incessant zapping. And since there are no chemicals, it’s perfectly safe around children and pets.

We recommend the DT2000XL Insect Trap (from $150 at Amazon). The Decora and Sonata versions feature more ornate styling and come in black and white, respectively, but we’re not convinced a fancier bug trap is necessary. The DT2000XL provides coverage for a full acre of property. The bundle package includes one trap, along with two extra bulbs, a cleaning brush, and hanging chain.

To set it up, simply plug it in and hang three to six feet off the ground for it to start working immediately. For the best results, you’ll want to make sure you clean out the trap’s cage every other week or so. The bulbs are built to last for 3,000 hours, which translates to roughly four months of nonstop operation.

The one downside is that the DT2000 is pretty large and heavy, measuring about 20 inches tall and weighing approximately nine pounds. So if that’s more machine than you can handle, or if you just need to protect a smaller area, there are plenty of other Dynatrap models ranging in size, design, and price. 

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