A Flask You Can Actually Clean

Mj 618_348_a flask you can actually clean
Courtesy Stanley

The only thing more frustrating than trying to find your flask’s metal funnel on game day is forgetting to clean your leftover cocktail out of the little guy before next Sunday (or, if we’re being honest, cleaning it at all). With Stanley’s Adventure eCycle Flask, all you have to do is throw it in the dishwasher. 

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This 7-oz flask is made of recyclable materials and has a secondary opening at the top, which was inspired by the clasp and hinge design that many flasks use for keeping the cap from being lost. It flips wide open and gives you a lot of room for error when pouring or cleaning. Once you’re done with either — or both — it snaps tight and nothing escapes. No matter how hard we shook it, not a single drop leaked because of the gasket closure. We ran it through a few rounds in the dishwasher, mostly to see if it melted on the heating and drying cycles, or if the rubberized seal lost structure. Luckily, it came out clean and retained its shape and function. And most importantly, it didn’t change the taste of our booze either. In fact, eCycle is the only product Stanley lists as “cocktail friendly.” All those sugars in the mixers you may or may not enjoy can wreak havoc on stainless steel, mostly in the form of bacteria and mold that you’d have trouble washing out of another design.

The only criticism we had was that the hinges could have been better reinforced with metal for a bit more durability, but they still felt sturdy for plastic. It comes in green and navy right now, and it will hold more than enough liquor for you and a buddy. Or, double up on your favorite simple cocktails. [$15; shopstanley-pmi.com]

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