A Glove Enhancer for Frequent Texters


To paw at a touchscreen device with gloved fingers is an exercise in futility, as standard fabrics block the electrical signals sent from skin to screen. This means you’re forced to remove your gloves and suffer the cold to search for directions, scroll through contacts, or simply like a Facebook status. Of course, there are many warm, worthy gloves that feature a special screen-friendly nanotechnology coating to let you make your tap and swipe maneuvers without worry. Some are meant for the urbane; others for the outward bound; either way, functional remedies are out there.

If you don’t feel like trading in your beloved gloves, though, look to Emitips, a set of charged strips you can affix to the fingers of traditional gloves to make them touchscreen suitable. Each packet comes with six thin, iron-on strips (one for each of your thumbs, pointer- and middle-fingers). We found these strips easy to adhere to both a pair of thin knit gloves and a bulkier pair of ski gloves. And although we had to jab a bit hard for the touchscreen to react to our gestures, the Emitips performed admirably on everything from GPS devices to smartphones, even when soggy (as one could imagine, the tips performed better with the knit gloves, as they offer better dexterity). Emitip-enhanced gloves can be machine washed on low heat, too, as long as you don’t use dryer sheets or bleach. While not for leather or technical fabrics, Emitips are an affordable way to update existing mitts to meet the demands of current technology. [$10; emitips.com]