A Growler Built for Camping

 Courtesy Stanley

What It Is: A two-quart insulated growler that will keep your beer cold for 16 hours.

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Why We Like It: We’ve used glass, stainless steel, and other insulated growlers before, but it’s tough to find one that doesn’t absorb smell or taste and keeps liquids at a consistent temperature out on an epic hike, ride, or ramble. But Stanley’s growler does just that, and it’s easy to pour: Just unlatch the lid with your thumb, and the hinged top swings open. The beefy handle screwed to the growler body and welded into its plastic neck cuff is wide enough to give you a firm grip: You can hold a pint glass with one hand and pour with the other.

The growler features a hammer green finish and uses Stanley’s vacuum insulation, and we can confirm Stanley’s claim that it keeps your beverage of choice cold for 16 hours. Because it’s stainless, we weren’t afraid to drop it and break it, so we packed it in on an overnight hike on Vermont’s Long Trail. Our Hill Farmstead Edward beer was a frosty and delicious treat sipped on the summit of Camel’s Hump — way better than lukewarm canned beer. And with more micro- and nano-breweries filling growlers, you can save a few bucks by bringing your own.

Nitpick: The growler’s design is better suited to right-handed pourers. Lefties can make it work, but it’s awkward and difficult to avoid spilling all over the lid.

[Available this fall, $50; stanley-pmi.com]