A Camera with a Laser Sight


One of the fastest growing class of shooters around today, super zoom digital cameras split the difference between standard compacts and DSLRs. While they often have small sensors, the cameras offer manual controls, fixed lenses, and, well, a wide zoom range. If you don’t want to schlep a DLSR around on your next vacation but still want the look and feel of one, then enlist one of these.

One of our favorites is the Olympus SP-100. While the camera sports a 50x optical zoom that helps you home in on far away targets, it also makes it easier to track them: A rifle-like red-dot sight pops up just above the camera's viewfinder and allows you to lock onto subjects with ease. It makes, say, tracking a diving outfielder when you're sitting in the nosebleeds relatively painless. Its rounded out by decent 16MP BSI CMOS sensor and can capture HD video. 

[$400; olympus.com]


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