A More Stylish Water Filter

Mj 618_348_soma water pitcher review
Courtesy Soma

What It Is: Soma, makers of classic glass carafes with a biodegradable filter, designed this 80-ounce, 10-cup pitcher, built with BPA-free plastics and a beautiful and sturdy white oak handle that looks right at home next to a Chemex. The lid features a “door” that automatically opens when held under a running faucet.

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Why We Like It: Set-up is easy straight out of the box thanks to simple directions: Soak the filter in the small bag it comes in, then rinse it a couple times to remove the black specks or dust from the coconut shell carbon. Soma also suggests using your first few fills on your plants. And it doesn’t just make your kitchen and fridge look more sophisticated, it filters quickly and efficiently. Because the lid snaps into place, you don’t have to worry about spilling all over yourself either. A nice bonus: Soma donates to charity: water for each filter purchased.

Nitpick: The pitcher only fit in the door of our fridge, which leans on the smaller side. And sometimes the opening doesn’t automatically open when it’s time for a refill, and it means you have to hold it down with a finger.

[$39, includes filter; filter subscriptions also available; drinksoma.com]

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