A Multi-Tool for the Grilling Obsessed

Mj 618_348_a multi tool for the grilling obsessed

A man’s backyard is sacred territory, his grill serving as the high temple. But we know what you’re thinking: Why should I abandon my elementary-but-trusted tool set for a product that resembles Optimus Prime?

Consider this: The three-in-one Stake Grilling Multi-Tool, which all but guarantees a prep-station free of the clutter brought on by 10 separate tools, is the best product a pit master can own. It has everything you need – tongs, a spatula, and a fork – to char food to perfection with just one hand. The tongs are the default tool, but to use the spatula, just clamp them shut with – you guessed it – that same hand. When it’s time to spike those sardines, a simple slide of the thumb exposes the fork.

Not sold?: Dinner prep with one hand frees your other to do more important things – like holding an ice-cold beer with the other. [$30; thinkgeek.com]

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