A Pizza Oven for Your Kitchen


At first glance, The Petite Pizzeria’s metal body and cheap-looking heating-element mechanism suggest that it will meet an inevitable end in the As-Seen-on-TV graveyard (a.k.a. the garage). But after that first hot and blistered 12-inch pie slides from the wooden peel onto your plate in as little as five minutes, the oven will face off against your coffee maker for permanent counter space. Skeptical of its power? Temperatures can reach more than 600 degrees within minutes. A nonstick deep-dish pan suits every Chicago-style pie; there’s a ceramic stone insert for those who favor a more blistered crust. Even a frozen pie cooked on this machine has a superior crust to the oven-baked version. Still prefer pizza from a brick oven? That’s fine – but until you hone your masonry skills and build one in the yard, this is your next best bet for making a serious pie at home. [$129.95; surlatable.com]

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