A Portable Fan That Lights Your Charcoal Grill Faster


While low-tech, a charcoal grill has its advantages — portability, perfect heat, and that smokey flavor. But its convenience can come up short: It’s not always easy to get the coals to burn, even for a serious grill master. That’s where the BBQ Dragon comes in, a portable fan offering a faster alternative to lighting charcoal to grill-ready temperatures.

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The fire-starting accessory, which has a convenient, adjustable clip, channels a stream of cool air to the flame. The small-but-mighty fan attaches to a stainless steel neck, which works perfectly for aiming at the coals on the outsides that never seem to light in time. The Dragon is battery-powered and can work for about three hours on its medium setting. When it needs a charge, plug in one of your chargers to the USB port or just replace the four AA batteries. Thanks to its portability, you can take it to a bonfire on the beach or just to your buddy’s next grillout. The best part? The grill will be ready in just 10 minutes.
[$50; bbqdragon.com]

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